Pan-Fried Grouper With Mango Sauce Recipe

Pan Fried Grouper Mango Sauce RecipePan-Fried Grouper With Mango Sauce Recipe


1 big lapu-lapu (grouper) cleaned gutted then rinsed

For the marinade:

Salt to taste pepper to taste
¼ cup calamansi or dayap juice
½ tsp. ginger juice
¼ tsp. turmeric powder.

For the sauce:

1 cup mango puree
¾ cup green mango puree
½ cup pineapple juice
salt to taste pepper to taste
sugar to taste
Tabasco sauce to taste
½ tsp. ginger juice

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade and marinate the lapu-lapu for 25 minutes

  2. Pan fry the fish, drain and place on a serving platter. Top with the mango sauce.

  3. To prepare the mango sauce: In a saucepan, add in all the ingredientsand cook for 5 minutes. Pour over the fish while the sauce is still hot.

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