Astig na Sisig Recipe

Astig na Sisig Recipe
by Chef Boy Logro


½ kl Boiled pork ears
½ kl Chicken liver
1 kl Pork lapay (spleen) or isaw (intestines)
1 pc Siling Labuyo chopped
2 pcs Big Red onion, chopped
¼ cup Calamansi juice
¼ cup Vinegar
1 tbsp Powder seasoning
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Crushed black pepper


1.Clean and wash well all meats.
2.Boil all meats until tender and drain. Broil in charcoal until brown.
3.Chop all broiled meats.
4.Combine chopped meats with siling labuyo, onion, calamansi juice, and vinegar.
5.Season with salt, pepper and powder seasoning mix. Serve on a sizzling plate.

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